Purchasing Process

When you are buying a home, you aren’t just buying that house. You are buying the neighborhood, the area, your local amenities, and you are committing to working with a lending institution if you are getting a loan. That is why it is okay to start your process online – look at homes, use a mortgage monthly payment calculator, but to really get a good feel for what the after looks like and make sure it meshes with your expectations, that is where it pays to start talking with the professionals.


You may think that all lenders are about the same, but did you know they have different loan products? If you are self-employed, a veteran, or have a past credit challenge, some lenders may be a better fit than others. We can provide you with lender options who may have the perfect loan product for your situation. And knowing how much you qualify for is an important part of our strategy.


Usually there are certain things our buyers like to be close to – work, certain schools, etc. But your price comfort zone may require you to live a little further away. No worries! For example, living right in the heart of Downtown Edmonds may be too pricey. But do you know the great value you can get if you live “within a song’s drive time” of the fountain that marks the hub of downtown? What about Richmond Beach as an alternative to Edmonds? It is that sort of lifestyle and home price strategy that we can help with and are known for.


Once we have your goals in mind, we will be on the search. Our strategy is unique. If you have indicated you need a three-bedroom home, we won’t just search for three-bedroom homes in the MLS. We will be looking for opportunities with flex spaces, offices, and other opportunities that can fulfill your needs. It is extremely rare that home buyers get 100% of their wants on their want list. If we could get you 15 minutes closer to work but one of your kids would need to have custom cabinets built in their room to compensate for not having a closet, would that be a trade-off you would take? This sort of outside-the-box thinking results in very happy home buyers.


Once you think you have decided on a home, let’s do a neighborhood review to determine what your daily life looks like. Where will you go grocery shopping? Where is Starbucks? Where is Trader Joe’s? How will you get to work? How long will it take? We are big believers in making sure your daily flow works for you before committing. Also, this is the time to verify school district boundaries, check into crime statistics, and review any HOA or CC&Rs that might pertain to the property you are interested in.


The negotiations are where we shine. Our years of experience and relationships with other real estate professionals are put to good use, navigating through the transaction and the needs of both parties to bringing all the variables together for win-win results.


Once the home is under contract, we will continue to act as your guide and team leaders, making sure all the events in the transaction are taken care of so you can go onto a successful closing.

Regardless of what you are buying or where, our focus is on you – the client – and making your goals and dreams a reality. We are your team leaders, coordinating all the other players involved including inspectors, appraisers, title, escrow, and even the listing agent and the seller.  There is no substitute for having strong advocates through this process, and we are here to make it as seamless as possible. We are used to providing concierge-level care, and that is what you can expect from us from start to finish.

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