From Our Clients

John was a great real estate agent to work with as my husband and I bought our first house in the red-hot Seattle real estate market. We were also buying this house with my parents, and it was very impressive how easily John worked with a multigenerational group of four buyers! He was both realistic and optimistic, which made the process much easier! John is very well versed in explaining the different steps of home-buying and making sense of the often-confusing requirements. We did eventually buy a beautiful old fixer-upper in an awesome location, three doors down from our extended family, and with a large FLAT yard! John took the time to go out and celebrate with us which was a very special touch. We would definitely work with him again!

The Strickmans

Just a little over a year ago, my husband and I were transferred out of state. My husband had five days before his relocation and I was to remain in town to facilitate our sale of our home. We interviewed two agents that were recommended by our relocation company. Thankfully, one was Missi Huff. It had been over 30 years since we had moved across state lines so this was a very difficult move to make. Missi was able to keep me calm and offer support whenever I needed it. She was organized, efficient and professional. She was able to guide us through a process that involved numerous showings, pre-inspections, and multiple offers. At no time did I doubt that everything was under control. Her knowledge of the real estate market and especially the relocation process is exceptional! Recently, my husband and I are relocating again and I wish that Missi could handle this transaction also. Our agent here is doing a good job, but definitely is not a match for Missi Huff!

Laurie Accornero

On the selling side, Missi was also extremely knowledgeable, walked my wife through the entire process as I had already been relocated for work, and was exceedingly forward-thinking about the process, communicative, and thoughtful.

Michael Ryan

I really liked working with Missi Huff and John Haines, they were very professional, helpful and always there to help with any question I had any time of the day. I will use their services in the future for sure!!

Brian Peterson

The overall experience I had with both Missi and John were above every other relator that walked through my house. From the professionalism during our first call to the very last interaction I had with them. Since this was my first home sale, they kept me calm throughout the process AND offered their support with moving, friendship all the while kept it fun. I would HIGHLY recommend both Missi & John. They are a great package deal…Missi is very organized and John very knowledgeable…not saying Missi/John are not the other… The quality of the photos were PERFECT!

Rachel Gussman

A few words of praise for a great team, yielding a great experience… twice! I used The Huff-Haines team to purchase a beautiful home in Snohomish, WA.  I was connected with them through the USAA Program and they proved very knowledgeable and supportive throughout the entire process.  Any obstacle faced was met with very fast response and quick resolution. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I had to turn around and sell the same property within about a year timeframe.  I was extremely concerned about losing money, but actually ended up making a nice profit.  Once again, the process was amazingly smooth, owing to the fantastic support by this team.  Right at closing time, a riding mower that was included with the house broke down.  John actually came and picked up the mower and took it into Monroe to the shop for me while I was loading my moving truck.  This allowed us to close on time!  I will forever be grateful to this great team.

Christy Crowe